My Dream

bugsy with remote

Hi Friends!

Mommy doesn’t know, but when she was sleeping last night I watched that thingy in her room that has pictures on it, I think she calls it tv. I saw doggies in boxes with slats like I was in one time. They looked sad and that made me sad. I wish they could have Mommy like I have. I was gonna lick Mommy ‘cause I wanted her to know I was happy now, but she was sleep and I didn’t want to bother her, so I just pushed button on the little thingy that makes the pictures move. I saw peoples putting food together. It looked good ‘cause people food is always best. I got hungry then, but I didn’t go downstairs to eat ‘cause Mommy was still sleep and I couldn’t eat without her, so I pushed button again. I saw words moving, but I couldn’t read them, ‘cause I’m a dog and I’m not supposed to read, but the music was nice. I watched the words move and listened to the music, but then I got sleepy, so I sleeped. When I sleeped I saw people food and doggy bones mixed up in Frisbees flying around the room with nice music. Doggies were eating people food and peoples were sitting in the boxes with slats, eating doggy bones. That was funny, well not the part about the peoples sitting in the boxes with slats, but the part about them eating the bones was funny. Then I didn’t hear music anymore and all the peoples were gone. I opened my eyes and the music and pictures were all gone from the TV. The room was dark, so I got way under the covers and snuggled with Mommy until there was noise on her little thingy beside her bed. I knew that meant I should put my paw on her and lick her face ‘cause she was supposed to open her eyes.

Uh oh! I just heard Mommy say it is time for bath! I need to go find my special blanket and hide under it so she can’t find me. I will write tomorrow if bath doesn’t hurt me. Bye bye.


Hi Friends!

I sure am tired tonight! It’s a lot of working watching out my window and barking at peoples. Mommy doesn’t like when I bark all the time, she tells me that the peoples are allowed to be out there. I don’t understand, I’m a dog, I’m supposed to bark. I’m trying not to bark all the time, but the little peoples are always playing and I really want to go out and play with them. When I was outside to potty today, Great Dane neighbor was out and I played with him for a minute but then I saw something I never saw before. There were peoples throwing something so I sat and watched. I was good, I didn’t even bark. I didn’t know what they were throwing ‘cause it didn’t look like my ball. I think Mommy called it frisbee. So I was thinking, I might like frisbee. Maybe Sister will take me to doggy store and get me frisbee. I was thinking it would be fun to play frisbee with Brother, but he is at College. He visited me yesterday with his friend, but he didn’t run with me. He played with me and hugged me though and that was fun. I was thinking, I wonder if his friend is College ‘cause if he is, I don’t like him for taking Brother from me. I misses him.

Stoopid Cat was at my door today! I thought he was gonna get me in trouble again ‘cause I barked at him but Mommy said it is okay to bark when Stoopid Cat or Peoples are at my door. Stoopid Cat never comes to me that close when I am outside but I know why, ‘cause I’m scary.

I need to sleep now, I has to find my special blanket and Mommy so we can snuggle. I will write again soon Bye bye!

Oh No! Not Cousin Again!

Hi Friends!

I couldn’t write last night ‘cause Mommy went away and when she got back I saw Cousin with her. I was thinking oh no not Cousin again! I knew I wouldn’t get to go to sleep time when I was supposed to so I hided under Mommy’s special blanket on her lap. I peeked out sometimes hoping Cousin would know what time it was, but they kept talking.

After Cousin left, I went upstairs with Mommy to get ready for sleep time. I waited on the bed with my special blanket. Mommy kept telling me to stop eating it, but I couldn’t help it ‘cause my blanket tasted so good. I should be allowed to eat my own blanket, and anyways, I was thinking how did Mommy know I was eating it? She didn’t see me ‘cause she was looking at herself in that thing on the bathroom wall. I stopped eating it though ‘cause she sounded mad and I don’t like when Mommy is mad.

Today I watched out my window for Mommy to come home and saw that rain stuff again! I hate rain. When it rains I can’t go for walk. I like walk. I saw girl dog neighbor when I walked with Mommy, not yesterday, but the day before that. Girl dog neighbor isn’t very nice. I wanted to play and she made mean noises at me. I don’t know why she did that to me, I played with Great Dane neighbor before I saw her and he didn’t make mean noises at me. Oh well, Mommy said when that rain stuff stops we will walk again and I was thinking maybe girl dog neighbor will be nicer to me then.

Tonight, Sister came to visit and I got to ride with her. I was thinking maybe we would go to doggy store, but we didn’t go and that was okay ‘cause I had fun anyways.

Oh, and then I had surprise visit from Brother but I will talk more about that tomorrow ‘cause Mommy is getting bed ready for sleep time and I need to get my special blanket so I can snuggle. I will write again later. Bye bye!

My Busy Weekend!

I’m sorry I didn’t write for a while but I was busy this weekend with so many peoples and now I has lots to tell you!

The first night, Mommy had peoples in the house, she called them Niece and Nephew. I played with Nephew. I like him ‘cause he is my size and I can see him the best of all the peoples. Later Sister came over, but that wasn’t so much fun ‘cause then I had bath and I hate bath. I was thinking maybe Sister would take me to doggy store after bath and buy me a new toy bone, but she played with me instead, and that was fun.

The next day, Mommy and Sister went away and left me at home, but Grandpa visited me and I liked that. He brought me new food and treats, but I liked what he was eating instead, so he shared with me. We can’t tell Mommy though ‘cause she would be mad, and Grandpa doesn’t like when Mommy gets mad either. I don’t know why Mommy gets mad if I eat peoples food though ‘cause I would share my food with peoples. I got tired eating and playing with Grandpa so I napped on Mommy’s special blanket ‘cause I missed her, just a little though.

The day after that, Mommy had more peoples in the house called Cousins. I like Cousins ‘cept they were here a long time and I was getting tired. I was thinking, don’t any of these peoples ever know what time is sleep time for me to snuggle with Mommy? I tried to tell them I was tired, so I pulled Mommy’s special blanket off the couch hoping they would notice but they kept talking. Peoples sure do talk a lot!

Today Mommy came home late and she said we will be going to sleep time soon. I can’t wait ‘cause I missed her so much and I wanna snuggle! Maybe tomorrow we can go for walk and I might see girl neighbor dog. I’m gonna go find Mommy now! I will write soon. Bye bye!

Uh Oh I’m Allergic Again!

Hi Friends!

I’m allergic again! I couldn’t write yesterday because my paws were itchy and I scratched my fur all night last night and today. Mommy keeps telling me I am allergic to outside but she keeps taking me out to potty. I still keep wondering why I have to go outside to potty ‘cause she doesn’t and I never see other peoples do it. I wanna be a people. Great Dane neighbor potty’s outside and he never itches. Maybe that’s ‘cause he doesn’t potty by Stoopid Cat’s tree.

I didn’t see girl dog neighbor today or yesterday and I didn’t get to go for walk with Mommy so I watched out my window but I never saw her. I saw boy neighbor though and then I started thinking about Brother. I miss Brother, he runned with me but college taked him from me so I don’t like college.

Sister is here tonight. I heard her talking to Mommy about Grandpa coming to play with me tomorrow. I like Grandpa, he eats a lot too and he sneaks food to me, but don’t tell Mommy “cause she will be mad and I don’t like when Mommy is mad.

I guess I have to go now ‘cause I heard Mommy tell Sister that I need bath. Oh, I hate bath. I need to find my blanket and hide so they don’t see me. I will write later. Bye bye!

Big Noisy Thing!

Hi Friends!

Today when I was napping I heard a noise by my window. I waked up and had to look out. I saw a big noisy thing that looked like thing I take ride in, ‘cept the big noisy thing was eating my grass and spitting it out. I had to bark at it ’cause it was loud and it waked me up! I liked nap ’cause I saw girl dog neighbor. She was looking at me and I was running to her when the big noisy thing waked me up. I watched the big noisy thing eat Great Dane neighbor’s grass too. When I didn’t see it anymore I tried to nap again. Just when I pulled my special blanket all soft so I could lay on it, I heard Mommy! I was happy to see her ’cause I misses her when she is gone. She taked me out to potty but I couldn’t find my spot ’cause big noisy thing messed up all my grass! I had to potty so bad so I maked a new spot. I went for walk with Mommy too and that was fun. I got to walk by girl dog neighbor’s grass. I didn’t see her but I smelled her. Big noisy thing didn’t mess up her grass. When me and Mommy got back to my grass I didn’t wanna go inside but Mommy said I had to. I have been sad all night ’cause I never got to see girl dog neighbor today.

Now I have to go ’cause I sees Mommy getting bed ready and I really needs to snuggle. Maybe at sleep time I will see girl dog neighbor. I will write again later. Bye bye!

Busy Day Outside

Hi friends!

I’m sorry I haven’t written, but I have been so busy. Mommy didn’t feel well, and I had to keep snuggling with her so I could make sure she was okay. She’s all better now, I guess it’s ’cause I snuggled with her. Today I got to be outside a while. Mommy tied my necklace string to another thingy in the grass. I liked that, ‘cept Mommy was mad at me a lot. I don’t like when Mommy gets mad at me, but I couldn’t help that I wanted to eat the wood, I think Mommy calls it mulch. Then she got mad at me ’cause I digged a little bit. I’m a dog, that’s what I’m supposed to do. I just laid down for a while, but then the grass smelled so good, so I rolled in it… *sigh*… Mommy got mad at me again. She said I was getting muddy, and if I didn’t stop, I would need bath. I stopped, ’cause I didn’t want bath… I don’t like bath. I laid down again, and then… I saw Stoopid Cat. I didn’t wanna bark, ’cause I didn’t want Mommy to get mad, but I had to, ’cause he was sitting in my potty spot. *Hee hee hee* Then I started to think about how me and Mommy scared him last week when we were cleaning my messes by his trees. He ran, and that was funny! Mommy let me play with neighbor Great Dane today, too, but she watched me close so he wouldn’t eat me. Oh! And a couple days ago, I met girl dog neighbor. I like her, she’s pretty! I looked for her today when I went to mailbox with Mommy, but I didn’t see her. I pottied on mailbox though, so she would know I was there. Uh oh… wait… oh yes, I see her now! I need to go bark at her so she will notice me. I will write more later, bye bye!

My Busy Day!

Hi Friends!

I’m sorry I didn’t write yesterday but I was so tired after my busy day.

First, I was busy watching out my window waiting for Mommy to come home. I watched the numbers that tell me time ’cause she was gone forever and ever. The numbers were seven zero zero when she left and then they said seven zero five. Those five hours sure were long! I didn’t see her so I napped. When I finally heard her I waked up and I was excited, ‘cept then I remembered what was gonna happen next. Oh boy, I should have hided under my blanket so she couldn’t see me. I was gonna get my fur cut. I like fur cut, but bath was next and I hate bath!

 I tried to be good for my fur cut, but Mommy did it outside. She told me I had to sit still but how could I do that when I saw Great Dane neighbor? I don’t know why they call him great ’cause I don’t think there is anything great about him. He got me in trouble for moving! I couldn’t help it, I needed to see what he was doing. 

After my fur cut, Mommy picked me up and carried me. I like when she carries me, but not then. She took me to bath and I couldn’t hide ’cause she closed the door! Oh I hate bath! After bath she made me dry with that noisy warm thing. I liked that so I sat very still. When I was all done I got to take a nap ’cause I was tired.

The best part of the day was when Sister came to visit me! She told me she was gonna take me to Doggy Store and buy me a new toy bone. I like Sister! When we got to Doggy Store I got worried ’cause I remembered, the last time my fur was cut and I had bath, I was poked by vet in there! I didn’t think I wanted to go but Mommy carried me and I felt safe. When we got inside Sister took me to toys. Oh boy, that was fun! I picked out my new toy bone. I was thinking, maybe I like fur cut and bath ’cause I got new bone!

Oh boy, now I hear Mommy making noise with paper, maybe I’m getting a treat! I better go see. I will write again soon. Bye bye!

I’m Allergic

Hi friends!

Sister is visiting tonight. I like when Sister is here, but tonight she didn’t share her food with me, and that made me sad. She let me lay my head on her lap though, and that made me happy! *Achoo!* Uh oh… I’m sneezing again. Mommy said I’m allergic. I thought only peoples had allergic. Am I allergic to peoples? *Achoo!* She said I’m allergic to the bush that I wasn’t supposed to potty on, and the trees where Stoopid Cat lives. I hate Stoopid Cat, now he made me allergic to his trees! Wait a minute, I have to scratch. Uh oh… Now I’m itchy. I don’t like allergic. I don’t know why I have to go outside to potty anyways. Peoples don’t potty outside. Mommy said I’m getting my fur cut tomorrow. I like that ’cause *achoo!* I don’t feel so itchy after my fur is cut. She said I’m gonna get bath, too. I don’t like bath, the water that comes from the wall scares me. I think it is sleep time now, and that means I get to snuggle with Mommy. Maybe if I sleeps under the blanket, she won’t find me tomorrow for bath. I will write again soon. Bye bye.

Too Much Thinking

Hi Friends!

Today I was looking out my window and watching water, I think Mommy calls it rain. I don’t like rain ’cause when I go outside it hits me on the head! I was thinking ’bout something, why do I have to go outside to potty anyway? I never sees peoples go outside to potty. I was sad thinking so I tried nap but that didn’t work either ’cause I heard something. I was hoping it was Mommy so I looked out again. It was rain, rain makes lotsa noise. I saw what I think Mommy calls birds, they were in the water. I barked ’cause I’m a dog and I’m supposed to bark. The birds flew away and then I started to think again, why do birds fly? I don’t fly and peoples don’t fly. *Sigh* I got tired of thinking so I tried nap again. When I napped I was flying! I flew to doggy store. Mommy was flying beside me and we watched the birds walking everywhere. I even saw Stoopid Cat, he was flying too. Then I heard something again and I waked up and I saw Mommy! I was so happy ’cause she was gone forever and ever. I wanted to tell her ’bout flying but all she wanted to do was take me outside in rain! Why do I have to potty outside?

I have to go now ’cause I think I hear Stoopid Cat! I will write again later. Bye bye.