I’m Back!

Hi Friends!


It’s been such a long long time since I wrote to you! Mommy said everyone missed me while I was gone and asked where I have been. I’m sorry friends, I have been traveling. First I went to Rome, then Australia. I tried to find a poodle girlfriend in France, but none of them wanted to be my girlfriend. Anyway, I missed Mommy so I thought I should come back home! Okay, I kidding! I just been so busy with lotsa new things this last year! So many things have happened since the last time I wrote. I have lots to tell you ‘bout!


When I left you, I was waiting for Brother. He comed home with his friends and we had fun. College still takes him away from me, but now he has new friend, I like his new friend, but I don’t think his name is College. I like his new friend but guess what? Now he has puppy he calls Nuppie. I liked her the first time she comed to visit. She was smaller than me and I teached her things. I teached her to potty outside and how to walk up the steps. She comed to visit again but I didn’t like her as much then. You know why? She was bigger than me! Mommy says Nuppie is puppy, but I don’t understand ‘cause she is so big! It was fun though ‘cause she keeped getting in trouble for bad things. I tried to teach her, well maybe not really ‘cause I liked watching her get in trouble ‘cause it wasn’t me.


Great Dane neighbor isn’t here anymore. Mommy said he moved away and that made me sad ‘cause he was my friend. I never see Girl Dog neighbor anymore either and Mommy said she moved away too. That’s okay ‘cause she wasn’t very nice anyway. The old Stoopid Cat left the tree but a new Stoopid Cat lives there now. He doesn’t come on my porch though and he stays away from my potty spot. I think it’s ‘cause he knows I’m a tough guy and he is scared of me.


Something good happened though and that is Sister comed to live in the neighborhood! I like Sister here and guess what? She has doggie now too. She calls him PJ. I like PJ ‘cept sometimes he makes me tired ‘cause he likes to run and play all the time. Don’t tell Mommy or Sister, but I think he doesn’t do things like the other doggies. Maybe something is wrong with him. When he runs he looks like an animal I see when we drive by the zoo. You know what else?  He has really big eyes and I don’t think he ever moves them like I do. You know, open and close and open and close eyes? Not the kind of close for sleep time. I see peoples do it too sometimes. I don’t know what it’s called. I like PJ though, he is fun even though he eats all my food and drinks my water all gone. It’s okay though, I still likes him ‘cause he is my best friend now. I also finded out why Sister always smelled like Stoopid cat when she used to come to visit. She has Stoopid cat in her house, I don’t know how to count, but Mommy told me there are two of them. They are not really like Stoopid Cat that lives in the trees though. I think one of the cats thinks she is a doggie, but don’t tell Sister I said that.


I been thinking ‘bout something though. How come Sister and Brother have other doggies? I thought I was their doggie. Brother still plays with me though when he is here, and Sister still buys me special toys, so maybe they still loves me. Mommy only has me though, so I know she loves me.


Well I can’t tell you anymore now ‘cause my paws is starting to hurt, but I will tell you more next time. I’m gonna find Mommy now and tell her ‘bout my paws, maybe she will kiss them and make them all better! Bye bye!


PJ stealed my bone again! 

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