I Has Girlfriend!

Hi Friends!

Great Dane neighbor has a new sister! She is pretty! She doesn’t look like Great Dane neighbor though. She is smaller than him but bigger than me. When I saw her I was thinking, I wish Mommy would put my clothes on me so she would notice me, but when I went out to potty, she did notice me! She barked at me in a soft, sweet way and then I barked back at her. She wagged her tail and I wagged mine. Then, Mommy let me meet her. I sniffed her and she sniffed me. We played for a while and Great Dane neighbor played with us too! I had so much fun with them. Mommy told me we had to go back in and I was sad, but Great Dane neighbor sister smiled at me when I was leaving and I knew she liked me. I smiled and strut proudly into the house. I has to find Mommy now and tell her I has to go out and potty again. Maybe Great Dane neighbor sister will be out there again! I would like that. I will write again soon. Bye bye.

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