Stoopid Rain!

Hi Friends!

I’m sorry I haven’t written, but it’s been a bad week! I feel sad ‘cause It has been raining so much I haven’t been able to go outside in my new clothes to see Girl Dog neighbor. I was so ‘cited to show off for her. Stoopid rain!

Me and Mommy been goin sleep time early this week too ‘cause Mommy has been gone lots to that place she calls work, but that’s ok ‘cause she tells me she goes to work so she can buy me treats, and I like treats. She got me new kind this week and that made me happy. Don’t tell her, but sometimes I pretend to go outside to potty just so I get treat. I think she figured out my trick though ‘cause she didn’t give me treat when I didn’t do anything. I’m cute though so I should get treat anyway right?

I just heard something and the floor shook a little. Mommy said it was something called thunder. I didn’t hear that before. I don’t think I like thunder. Now there is more rain outside! Oh boy, I really need to potty. Why do I has to potty outside? Mommy never goes potty outside. Oh, I hope it stops raining ‘cause I don’t know if I can wait, and Mommy will get mad if I potty in the house. I need to go find Mommy now so I can tell her I has to go out. She will not be happy, but it isn’t my fault I can’t potty in the house! I will write again soon. Bye bye.

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