I’m Back!

Hi Friends!


It’s been such a long long time since I wrote to you! Mommy said everyone missed me while I was gone and asked where I have been. I’m sorry friends, I have been traveling. First I went to Rome, then Australia. I tried to find a poodle girlfriend in France, but none of them wanted to be my girlfriend. Anyway, I missed Mommy so I thought I should come back home! Okay, I kidding! I just been so busy with lotsa new things this last year! So many things have happened since the last time I wrote. I have lots to tell you ‘bout!


When I left you, I was waiting for Brother. He comed home with his friends and we had fun. College still takes him away from me, but now he has new friend, I like his new friend, but I don’t think his name is College. I like his new friend but guess what? Now he has puppy he calls Nuppie. I liked her the first time she comed to visit. She was smaller than me and I teached her things. I teached her to potty outside and how to walk up the steps. She comed to visit again but I didn’t like her as much then. You know why? She was bigger than me! Mommy says Nuppie is puppy, but I don’t understand ‘cause she is so big! It was fun though ‘cause she keeped getting in trouble for bad things. I tried to teach her, well maybe not really ‘cause I liked watching her get in trouble ‘cause it wasn’t me.


Great Dane neighbor isn’t here anymore. Mommy said he moved away and that made me sad ‘cause he was my friend. I never see Girl Dog neighbor anymore either and Mommy said she moved away too. That’s okay ‘cause she wasn’t very nice anyway. The old Stoopid Cat left the tree but a new Stoopid Cat lives there now. He doesn’t come on my porch though and he stays away from my potty spot. I think it’s ‘cause he knows I’m a tough guy and he is scared of me.


Something good happened though and that is Sister comed to live in the neighborhood! I like Sister here and guess what? She has doggie now too. She calls him PJ. I like PJ ‘cept sometimes he makes me tired ‘cause he likes to run and play all the time. Don’t tell Mommy or Sister, but I think he doesn’t do things like the other doggies. Maybe something is wrong with him. When he runs he looks like an animal I see when we drive by the zoo. You know what else?  He has really big eyes and I don’t think he ever moves them like I do. You know, open and close and open and close eyes? Not the kind of close for sleep time. I see peoples do it too sometimes. I don’t know what it’s called. I like PJ though, he is fun even though he eats all my food and drinks my water all gone. It’s okay though, I still likes him ‘cause he is my best friend now. I also finded out why Sister always smelled like Stoopid cat when she used to come to visit. She has Stoopid cat in her house, I don’t know how to count, but Mommy told me there are two of them. They are not really like Stoopid Cat that lives in the trees though. I think one of the cats thinks she is a doggie, but don’t tell Sister I said that.


I been thinking ‘bout something though. How come Sister and Brother have other doggies? I thought I was their doggie. Brother still plays with me though when he is here, and Sister still buys me special toys, so maybe they still loves me. Mommy only has me though, so I know she loves me.


Well I can’t tell you anymore now ‘cause my paws is starting to hurt, but I will tell you more next time. I’m gonna find Mommy now and tell her ‘bout my paws, maybe she will kiss them and make them all better! Bye bye!


PJ stealed my bone again! 

Waiting For Brother

Hi Friends!

I been watching out the window waiting for Brother and his friends to get here. It makes me happy that Brother is coming ‘cause I misses him, but I hope his friend College isn’t coming ‘cause I don’t like him for taking Brother from me. Mommy cut my fur and gave me bath so I can smell good and look handsome for them. I think she is going to put those stoopid clothes on me too. Great Dane neighbor sister thinks I’m cute without clothes so I don’t know why I needs them, but if it makes Mommy happy then it is okay I guess.

I have to go help Mommy broom the floor now and get the towels out of the dryer. It’s a lot of work for me to chase the broom and run through the house with the towels. Don’t tell Mommy, but I only run with the towels ‘cause I think it’s funny watching her chase me. I smells something too and I think Mommy is making food so I better go help her clean the floor if she drops something. I will write again later and tell you if Brother plays with me. Bye bye.

I Has Girlfriend!

Hi Friends!

Great Dane neighbor has a new sister! She is pretty! She doesn’t look like Great Dane neighbor though. She is smaller than him but bigger than me. When I saw her I was thinking, I wish Mommy would put my clothes on me so she would notice me, but when I went out to potty, she did notice me! She barked at me in a soft, sweet way and then I barked back at her. She wagged her tail and I wagged mine. Then, Mommy let me meet her. I sniffed her and she sniffed me. We played for a while and Great Dane neighbor played with us too! I had so much fun with them. Mommy told me we had to go back in and I was sad, but Great Dane neighbor sister smiled at me when I was leaving and I knew she liked me. I smiled and strut proudly into the house. I has to find Mommy now and tell her I has to go out and potty again. Maybe Great Dane neighbor sister will be out there again! I would like that. I will write again soon. Bye bye.

Stoopid Rain!

Hi Friends!

I’m sorry I haven’t written, but it’s been a bad week! I feel sad ‘cause It has been raining so much I haven’t been able to go outside in my new clothes to see Girl Dog neighbor. I was so ‘cited to show off for her. Stoopid rain!

Me and Mommy been goin sleep time early this week too ‘cause Mommy has been gone lots to that place she calls work, but that’s ok ‘cause she tells me she goes to work so she can buy me treats, and I like treats. She got me new kind this week and that made me happy. Don’t tell her, but sometimes I pretend to go outside to potty just so I get treat. I think she figured out my trick though ‘cause she didn’t give me treat when I didn’t do anything. I’m cute though so I should get treat anyway right?

I just heard something and the floor shook a little. Mommy said it was something called thunder. I didn’t hear that before. I don’t think I like thunder. Now there is more rain outside! Oh boy, I really need to potty. Why do I has to potty outside? Mommy never goes potty outside. Oh, I hope it stops raining ‘cause I don’t know if I can wait, and Mommy will get mad if I potty in the house. I need to go find Mommy now so I can tell her I has to go out. She will not be happy, but it isn’t my fault I can’t potty in the house! I will write again soon. Bye bye.

Flea Market

Bugsy Hat Pic Close Up (3)

Hi Friends!

I am watching rain outside my window again! I don’t like rain ‘cause when I go outside I can’t find my potty spot. Mommy always takes me back inside as soon as I potty when it rains but today she got an idea that we should walk to get mail. Doesn’t she know that rain hits me on my head? I don’t like when rain hits my head. When we came back inside the house, I had to stand still while Mommy wiped my paws so I didn’t get mud in the house. I’m a dog, I can’t help it that I has to potty outside.

Yesterday, Mommy and Sister took me to place called flea market. I don’t know why they wanted to get fleas, Mommy knows they make me itchy that is why she puts medicine on me all the time, to keep the fleas off me! I was confused, but then when we got there I saw all kinds of peoples and other doggies too. I never saw any fleas so that made me feel better about being there. I had to walk a lot, but sometimes they carried me and I liked that. I saw other doggies and sometimes Mommy let me stop to sniff them and that was fun. We stopped at a place where I saw another doggy riding in something, I heard Mommy say it was called doggy stroller. I was thinking that doggy was lucky to have stroller. Then I saw a lady putting clothes on that doggy and that is when I remembered Mommy and Sister talking about putting clothes on me! I thought, flea market must be doggy clothes store and I didn’t think I was going to like that. Guess what? When that doggy was done, it was my turn to try on the clothes. Don’t they know I’m a dog, only peoples are supposed to wear clothes. I sat real still so they could try the clothes on me, and as if the shirt wasn’t bad enough, they put a hat on me too! After they finished, the lady gave Mommy a new collar to match my new clothes. I didn’t understand why I was wearing the clothes, but the other doggy was wearing them so I thought it wouldn’t be so bad. After we left doggy clothes store I saw another doggy with clothes on and one was even wearing glasses. All the peoples were smiling at me and telling Mommy and Sister I was cute. The other doggies were looking at me too and one girl doggy smiled at me. Then I thought, maybe the clothes are not such a bad idea ‘cause maybe Girl Dog neighbor will like me with them. I strutted through the rest of the flea market feeling proud of my new clothes and hoping the Girl Dog neighbor would be outside when I got home.

I never saw Girl Dog neighbor last night, and now it is raining even harder, so I know I won’t get to see her tonight either, but maybe tomorrow it won’t rain and if I stand in the driveway with my clothes on she will see me. I’m going to find Mommy now ‘cause it is almost sleep time and that means it is snuggle time! I will write later. Bye bye.

Bugsy Chillin In Clothes

What Is Everything?

Hi Friends

I have been looking out my window a lot today. I like watching all the peoples. I been thinking, why are peoples outside all the time but they never potty out there? I has to potty outside, why don’t they? I also been thinking about the things they wear, I think Mommy calls it clothes. Some of the peoples look funny in the clothes. I heard Mommy and Sister talking about getting me clothes to wear. Really? I’m a dog. Great Dane neighbor doesn’t wear clothes and neither does Girl Dog neighbor. New Girl Dog neighbor didn’t have clothes on, so why me? They said they want to put clothes on me and take pictures, I don’t think I understand what that means, but maybe it is when Mommy wants me to sit still and she puts that little thingy in front of me. I don’t understand peoples sometimes, but as long as it makes Mommy happy, I guess I will wear the stoopid clothes. I also been thinking about something else, why does Mommy get mad at me when I bark? I’m a dog I thought that is what I’m supposed to do. She tells me that I shouldn’t bark at everything. I don’t understand, what is everything? If I could know what everything is then I won’t bark at it, just everything else. Oh, I’m so confused. I wish that when I look at Mommy she would understand I don’t mean to bark at everything, but I just don’t know what everything is. Can you help me know what everything is?

Uh oh, I see Great Dane neighbor now, I’m gonna bark so he can know I’m here. Oh, I hope he isn’t everything ‘cause Mommy will tell me not to bark at him. I has to go now, I will write again soon. Bye bye!

I Went For Ride!

Hi Friends!

Today I went for ride with Mommy and Grandpa, and that was fun! I looked outside to watch where we were going. I could smell all kinds of smells! One time I smelled food and I was thinking, maybe that was where we were going, but it wasn’t. I saw something I saw before and then I was thinking, we were at Grandpa’s house. I like Grandpa’s house but I don’t know why he has bird inside. Birds are supposed to be outside. I watched bird and I was thinking if I could open his door I would, so he could go outside and fly with other birds. I walked around Grandpa’s house and then I was thinking, maybe Mommy was going to leave me there like she did before. I didn’t want her to do that ‘cause I always misses her when I am not with her, so I snuggled on her feet so she wouldn’t leave without me.

We went for ride again and when I was looking outside I saw lotsa peoples and I was thinking, I wonder where all these peoples go all the time. Then I saw pretty girl dog and I wagged my tail but she didn’t see me so I was sad. The next place we went was fun. We went to a place with a big bath thingy, but it was outside and I saw lotsa peoples in the bath thingy. I watched out my window and then I saw lotsa cats. I was looking for Stoopid Cat but I never saw him. After the cats, I saw more animals, I don’t know what they were, but they were bigger than Neighbor Dogs and Stoopid Cat. Mommy said it was place called zoo. I was thinking, I wish Mommy would let me play at zoo ‘cause that looked like fun.

When we got home I saw Stoopid Cat. I tried to tell him ‘bout all the cats I saw so maybe he would go there and get out of my trees. Later I saw him outside my window, so I guess he isn’t going to leave.

I’m ready for sleep time now, but Mommy has lights on and I can’t sleeps like that. I has to go now and get my special blanket so maybe Mommy will know I’m ready for sleep time. I will write again soon. Bye bye!

The Cold Ice Thing

bugsy and the popsicle (2)

Hi Friends!

I’m tired ‘cause I have been busy. Yesterday I was outside with Mommy, and the neighbor peoples let their doggie out and she ran. They called for her but she didn’t listen, so Mommy told me to tell her to come back. I couldn’t bark ‘cause I thought it was funny watching the peoples run. I sat next to Mommy, watching, and then I was thinking why the doggie didn’t have to wear one of those things hooked to the thing on her neck like I wear. If the peoples would do that, they wouldn’t have to run. Oh well, it was fun watching the peoples ‘cause sometimes they are funny.

Today made me tired ‘cause Mommy did that cleaning thing again. She gets mad at me sometimes ‘cause I like to get on the bed when she tries to make it. When she brooms, I like to sniff the dirt piles. One time I even walked through it and that was fun ‘cause I wanted to feel it, but Mommy didn’t think it was funny. Maybe it’s ‘cause after I walked in it I took it to the carpet. My special blanket was in a pile on the floor so I took it in the room and she was mad, I guess it’s ‘cause she wanted to put it in that big noisy thing that makes my special blanket smell good.

After cleaning, I took nap while Mommy rested and watched that thing she calls TV. She waked me up when I heard something in the kitchen. I ran in to see what she was getting. I thought she was getting that cold thing she lets me eat, I think she calls it ice, but she had even better ice thing on a stick that tastes good. She let me have some too and it was so good. It makes me confused though ‘cause I can’t get it off the stick no matter how hard I try. Mommy held the stick for me so I could lick the good ice thing and I liked that.

I need to sleep now ‘cause Mommy made me so tired today and yesterday. I heard her say Grandpa is coming over tomorrow, I wonder if he will have something for me to eat. I will write tomorrow and let you know. Bye bye!

I Had Bath!

I hided from Mommy

I hided from Mommy

Hi Friends!

I had bath last night. I don’t like bath. I tried to hide from Mommy, but she can always find me. First I ran down stairs while she was getting bath ready, but she found me and carried me back upstairs. I don’t know how she knew where I was. Then I hided under my special blanket but she found me again! I don’t know how Mommy always knows where I am. She closed the door so I couldn’t get out, but Sister was on the bed so I hided behind her. Mommy found me again ‘cause Sister told her where I was. I don’t think I like Sister anymore. Mommy picked me up again, but that time she put me in the big scary bath thingy. Mommy said I was really dirty, but I don’t know why I has to be clean, I’m a dog, I’m supposed to be dirty. She said I had to look handsome for Girl Dog neighbor, but I never sees her anymore and she is mean to me anyways. Then I was thinking, maybe Mommy was right, maybe Girl Dog neighbor was mean to me ‘cause I was dirty and now if I’m all clean she will be nice to me. Even though I don’t like bath, I was thinking maybe it would be better to be clean, so I let Mommy clean me. Today, I went with Mommy for walk, I strutted my clean fur proud so Girl Dog neighbor would like me, but I didn’t sees her and that made me sad.

Oh wait a minute, I hear something! I sees New Girl Dog neighbor, I need to find Mommy so she can take me outside. Maybe New Girl Dog neighbor will like my clean fur. I will write later! Bye bye.

Mommy Sick!

Hi Friends!

I’m so tired ‘cause I been taking care of Mommy. I waked her up, not last night, but the night before ‘cause I knew something was wrong with her. After that she was up all night ‘cause I guess she was sick. Anyways, I snuggled with her and I kept my head on her tummy while she slept but she didn’t know I was watching. Sister was here with us so I went and waked her up too so she could know Mommy was sick. I don’t like when Mommy is sick.

Yesterday Sister and Mommy left early and I didn’t think they were ever coming back! I kept thinking, don’t they know it is my potty time? When they came home Sister had a big bag, big enough for me to get inside to look ‘cause I thought maybe she brought me toy bone, or even better, toy Frisbee. I never saw anything for me so that made me sad, but then I got to go outside and I had treat when I was all done, so that made me happy. When it was sleep time last night, I stayed close to Mommy ‘cause I knew she was still sick and she needed me to snuggle with her. I tried to let her sleep long time, but I couldn’t help it. I’m a dog, I had to go outside and so I had to wake her, ‘cause I couldn’t potty in the house or she would be mad, and I don’t like when Mommy is mad.

This morning Grandpa came over. He went someplace with Mommy and then when they came back, Sister was with them! I like Sister ‘cause she helps me take care of Mommy. I think maybe she is staying here tonight ‘cause she has those bags with her that smell like Stoopid Cat. I don’t know why her bags smell like Stoopid Cat though ‘cause I never sees her outside by the tree. I will rub all over her bags so they will smell like me, ‘cause I smells better.

I has to go now ‘cause I heard Mommy tell Sister that Niece and Nephew are coming to visit again. I will write again soon. Bye bye.